Bullet Bus

Events and Places to Go

We organise events and places for you to take road trips to.

Bullet Bus is a transportation company with a sprinkle of a taste for adventure. We extend this to our clients by frequently organising road trips to some incredible parts of Australia. There is a range of categories for our road trips, and you are at liberty to choose the one that most appeals to you.

Events and Places to Go


There are events in various parts of Australia, and since we are responsible for organising them, we have your transportation covered. There are many events to choose from, ranging from horse riding to wine valley tours, cave tours, New Year’s Eve fireworks display, tours to the Aboriginal Blue Mountains, and many others we are confident you would enjoy.


Have you been bored lately? Would you like to make new friends on a luxurious bus to a venue where you are guaranteed to be thoroughly entertained? If yes, then you are at the right place! Bullet Bus organises frequent and affordable road trips to areas that are guaranteed to bring you nothing but fun and excitement.

You get to go to unique places like our Australian beaches, Sydney Olympic Park, the Olympic Regatta Centre, Maitland, and other managing sites exclusively for Sydney.


Do you have a curious side? Would you love to learn about your Australian heritage or the heritage of other cultures? If you do, then register for our next museum trip. We will take you to the great museums we have in Australia. Have you always wanted a tour of the Hyde Park Barracks Museum?

Or the Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre that portrays the physical history of the Australian Navy? Even the Thirlmere Rail Museum is not left out. This trip is for train lovers and enthusiasts. Whatever your museum interests are, we aim to help you satiate them by organising trips to these places at fair prices.


We all love nature. And as much as possible, we desire to be in the cool embrace of nature sometimes. There’s just something about being in nature that just relaxes us. Bullet Bus aims to satisfy your desire to be in nature by planning road trips to some of the beautiful places in Australia, where you can go to be in nature and experience it at its peak.

Some of the beautiful places you get to visit by taking a road trip with us include Ku Ring Gai Wildflower Gardens. This garden just embodies nature at its peak. It’s a secret garden that people barely notice, but it is just as beautiful as it can be. Kiama is also another mind-blowing location. Kiama is a rock formation by the sea. There is a hole in the rocks, and water occasionally surges high into the air. It is a mesmerising display you do not want to miss out on.