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Hens Night Bus Hire

Night bus hire services.

Finding parking space in the city at night isn’t always so easy. It is only accessible when you go to a restaurant or a location where they have valet parking. However, even that isn’t always so safe. Anyone can drive away with your car if adequate measures aren’t put in place. Now imagine you and your group of seven friends trying to find parking spaces at the exact location. It would be extremely frustrating and time-consuming.

Do you work hard, and a lot? Have you been cooped up in your college dorm studying for exams? Would you love to have a night out to help alleviate your stress levels? If you answered yes, then you are at the right place.

Organising a night out for yourself and your group of friends might be just what you need to help reduce your stress levels. However, there are so many factors involved in organising a night out.

Hens Night Bus Hire


Your safety, for one, is the most important one. Night outs usually end towards the early hours of the morning and everywhere is still a bit deserted at that time. A lot of people get mugged at this time because there’s no one around. Why not hire a night bus, so your transportation to and from your location is secure?

In addition to being safe, it would also mean that you and your friends can start your fun night from the pickup venue. The distance between your pickup location and your designated location could even serve as a mini road trip where you can all catch up on each other’s lives.

We Help You Save Time

Beyond planning a pickup location and time, you don’t have to worry about any other thing relating to transportation. You don’t have to worry about gas for your vehicle or even the long drive to the location and back to your house or dorm. Of course, you could choose to carpool, but it would be better to opt for a night bus instead if it’s a large group of friends.

If you also have more than one location planned for your night out, it would be far more economical and a lot less stressful to hire a night bus. Your driver would be at your beck and call throughout the hire period, and you would be driven wherever you choose to go. It helps you save the time you would otherwise spend on finding a cab or even parking space.

The Ride Back

Bullet Bus offers you our night bus for hire. It’s suitable because you do not have to worry about the long drive back home after a long and exhausting night out with your friends. Most night outs usually end with a couple of people, or even every group member drunk and close to passing out. It’s very dangerous to attempt to drive back in this condition, which is another reason you should hire a night bus.