Bullet Bus

Hire Terms

Our hiring terms.

Hiring Rates

Our rates at Bullet Bus depend on the size of the vehicle or vehicles you are looking to hire. They also depend on the length of the period you require our services for. The rates we charge you already include the goods and services tax.

Beyond paying the stipulated fees for hiring our vehicles, you are also responsible for other charges you might incur during your road trip. Some of them include but are not limited to airport charges, parking or entry fees, and road tolls.

Payment Methods

We accept the payment of cash generally. However, you can also choose to pay with your MasterCard or Visa card. In addition, we accept payment through the use of Credit Cards, but you would be required to pay a surcharge of 2.5% of our hiring rates if you opt for this method.

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Extra Time

Extra time equals extra charges. At Bullet Bus, you hire our vehicles based on hourly rates. Extending your stipulated period due to a delay or any other factor would lead to extra charges. You would be paying $110.00 for each additional hour you consume.

Stipulated Departure Time

During the booking process, you are required to choose a departure time and place. The vehicle of your choice would be at that venue at the stipulated time. We advise that you and all other passengers be at the designated pickup location five minutes before departure. This way, everyone would be fully settled, and we would load every luggage into the vehicle before the stipulated departure time.

You are hiring our services for a particular period, and we do not grant free extensions because another group of people may desire the use of our vehicle, and we would not want their trip to be cut short for any reason.


Cancellations also happen to attract charges. These charges vary and depend on the proximity to your stipulated departure date and time. Please note that you have to formally cancel your trip on our website or by coming to our office to ensure that the cancellation is indeed recorded.

Cancelling your trip more than a week before your departure date attracts a fee of 25% of the amount you paid for your reservation. A cancellation three days before your trip leaves you with only a 50% refund from the fees you paid for your trip, and cancelling your trip twenty-four hours to the stipulated departure date means you have to forfeit 100% of your booking fee. Postponing your trip is mainly dependent on the availability of accessible vehicles on the new desired date. We will, however, do everything within our power to provide a vehicle for your new departure date.

Our Policies on Eating, Smoking, and Drinking Alcohol

You are permitted to bring food onboard our vehicles; however, eating said food is highly prohibited. The same goes for drinking alcohol and smoking. We also do not permit people under the influence of alcohol and hard drugs on our vehicles.