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Snow Trip

Planning a fun snow trip with family and or friends.

Winter has a lot to offer. It’s a welcome change from the heat of the summer, and it gets us all excited because of the holidays, thanksgiving, and Christmas. It’s a time that’s best spent in the company of your family and friends. Spending this time with your family and friends is not, however, limited to just staying indoors.

Winter is a fantastic period to plan a snow trip to the excellent ski resorts in Australia. You might be looking to take a road trip to Falls Creek, Hotham, Mount Buller, or Thredbo. They are all great locations for the winter holidays with your family and friends.

Since this trip would involve not just you but also a group of people, why not make your transportation to the venue our concern? Then, you would not have to worry about a lot of things such as gas for your vehicle, enough space for everyone taking the trip with you, or even the stress of having to drive to a distant place in the snow. Why not let us handle it, so you can sit back with your family and friend and have a fun road trip with them?

Snow Trip

Perks of Riding with Us

Some of the perks of hiring our services for this snow trip include the following.

Pickup and Drop Offs

Bullet Bus is available to pick you and every other person going on your snow trip. All you have to do is fill a form on our website telling us the number of people going on the trip, the location, and the date and time for pickup. On the stipulated day, we would be awaiting you and your entourage, and we can assure you that it would be an exhilarating trip you would never forget.

So why not let us handle the stress of driving in the snow while you have fun with your family and friends? We will deliver you to your desired location safely and hitch-free.

Coming back from your ski holidays might leave you exhausted. Can you even imagine driving back on the snowy roads? However, if you would rather be in the backseat sipping tea with a warm blanket around your shoulders, then you are at the right place.

We would not only take you to your desired location, but we would also bring you back safely. Our drivers are always careful, and they have experience driving on snowy and slippery roads.

Comfort and Luxury

You have access to a range of vehicles to choose from. There is a vehicle for every budget. However, every vehicle we offer for hire at Bullet Bus is equipped to provide luxury and comfort, which is especially needed for snow trips. For example, our vehicles have temperature regulators, and you would simply be staring at the snow without feeling its impact so much.


The most fantastic thing is you get access to this snow trip service at a very affordable price.